Two Roosters Don’t Make a Chicken!

In animal life the number one priority is survival of the species. All else is secondary. Having a predetermined life span, the only way to insure the survival of the species is reproduction. A species’ very existence depends on reproduction. Nature (God if you will) provided for reproduction by creating two different genders, a set of males and females for each species, each with specific organs for the task.

The male and the female are programed by nature to be attracted to each other, hormonally and/or emotionally, which precipitates the joining of the male and female. Using their uniquely different organs results in a new member of the species. The male and female bond together for life and continue to reproduce creating a ‘family’. To ensure the survival of their new member, the female is equipt to nourish and instruct him or her in the rules of nature to continue propagation.

This is the way nature intended for a species to survive and grow. This is natural law. This is normal. Any other interpretation of the law of ‘survival of the species’, and the role of male and female, is abnormal and against the laws of God and nature.

There is a segment of our population that chooses to circumvent these laws of nature and avoid the necessity of reproduction. These people, less than 4 percent of our population, prefer to mate with those of their own gender, thereby contributing nothing to the survival of the human species. Although the proper name of this group is ‘homosexual’, they choose to refer to themselves as “The Gay Community”, creating yet another minority group adamantly demanding their “rights”. I have read the constitution word for word. I have yet to find a Gay Rights amendment or any mention of homosexuality.

In America, the land of the free, there is no law prohibiting this same gender mating, nor do I have any problem with this un-natural behavior among homosexuals. I do have a problem with this group’s demand that laws be created to allow marriage of the same gender. Homosexual marriage would be an insult to God and to traditional marriage. Marriage is between a male and a female for the purpose of reproducing and creating a family, period, end of debate!

I also have a problem with teaching homosexuality to very young children in public schools. Children are most impressionable in their young age. To teach children that homosexuality is normal and that they just may have that ‘inherent’ sexual preference in their own little genetic makeup, is unconscionable. There has never been any viable scientific evidence that homosexuality is the result of genetic makeup! NEVER! More than likely, gender confusion may be the result of physical appearance, parental mis-guidance, social environmental factors or mental disorders.

Brainwashing Children:

If this article offends anyone, so be it. I’m sick of being chastised by the ‘Politically Correct Police’ for expressing my views. Just as homosexuals have the right to march in protest for acceptance, I have the same right to protest homosexual’s same gender lifestyle when it impacts my belief that it is contrary to Natural Law for them to marry. Live and let live, but don’t try to force me to accept and respect your lifestyle and to succumb to your demands.

Watch what God thinks of the subject:

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